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Dear Music Lovers,

It was a labor of love, a lifetime pursuit of a passion for music that has defined a culture for decades and stood as the most definitive expression of Americana imaginableJazz. And to bring it to you, we set out to create a reissue series that would be unparalleled in its quality, from the pristine sound from our state-of-the-art studio work as we worked our way through the Blue Note master tape vault, to the exclusive gatefold presentation featuring rare session photos that have seldom been seen. We spun them onto your turntables for years, to the delight of music lovers the world over. And yet, as with all good things

This is to announce that we have taken our last walk through the vaults, selecting the final titles for this incredible series to close out the season with a real flourish. What a lineup! Weve got 13 titles, handpicked from the best of the best, and one lost master tape that was finally found after thirty years. If they were a baseball team we would compare them to New Yorks Murderers Row in 1927, Brooklyns Boys of Summer with the 52 Dodgers, or the great Gas house Gang from the 34 Cardinals. So here they come, our Big Blue Machine from the depths of the Blue Note Vault, one last time, one last game, and then gone forever.

It all starts in October, with The Magnificent Thad Jones leading off the lineup, and Lee Morgan right behind him on Search for a New Land. Then up they come, Hank Mobley, Horace Silver, Jackie McLean, and by November well be Ready for Freddy Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, and Art Blakeytruly Indestructible. And then, just for an encore as we start the new year, weve kept three more in the bullpen waiting to close it all out, and with a special gift to youfree USA shipping on the final three to say thanks for your tremendous support all these years. Duke Pearson will be our setup man before we go to Dexter Gordon, and when the final out is tallied, Kenny Dorham will be standing on the mound with a smile. Visit our site at to look over the whole lineup11 artists, 13 great records, because Lee Morgan goes three for three in this final game And then its over.

Dear friends, we gave it our allheart, soul, sweat and tears. We did everything possible to honor this music and the vintage Blue Note label that carried it, and now its all yours. To those that have been with us from the very first release, I offer my profound thanks. To those that dropped in, like a man on the street outside the club, lured by that mesmerizing beat and the siren song of cymbal, saxophone and guitar, sit a while and listen up! This was real; this was important; this was music that truly mattered.

You looked, you listened, and were so very grateful that you were there.
With gracious thanks,

Ron & Joe


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